I am a creative person driven by an overactive imagination with a constant desire for new projects. I enjoy painting, writing, creating music and performing. This website is a forum for sharing that part of me.

I am the mother of four children and grandmother to three, a native Californian and current desert dweller. With a meandering resume that covers everything from fast food prepper to gymnastics training center owner and file clerk to spreadsheet master (by trial and error, 😉 ) I have a lot of life experience to draw from.

Perhaps one of the most important detours that has taken me in a new direction is the adventure called Autism with my son Jason. Oh, the material for writing that stems from that experience! Other lifetime achievements that inspire my writing involve codependency, addiction, family mental illness and a unique lineage of survival spirit that stretches back to the 1700’s and beyond. The twists and turns of ancestral history, dark stories and wild events have lead my imagination off in amusing directions.

I have embraced the traits of my heritage including off-colored (sometimes downright disgusting) humor, musical inclination, a drive for creating visual art and design, an obsession with building things, and a hunger for being on stage in any capacity. Writing seems to be a universal drive in my family, evidenced by journals, poetry, songwriting and various other forms of written expression. My tribute to those who came before me blazing a trail that built a family foundation for future generations, is to use my time, energy and enthusiasm to constantly create and give back to the world.

My philosophy drives me to live life to the fullest and take advantage of every moment I have in this body. As my daughter Miranda (Ella Rogue) says in her song: I am “Unapologetic.”

Be sure to visit my blog Eves Crossing.

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